About Us

Our Value Proposition

We strive to ensure fair and equitable access to
the legal process through providing quality translation/interpretative
services that facilitate smoother communication and more
linguistically accurate interactions.

With over twenty years of collective experience working with
multicultural clientele and seeing a great need for languages services
focused on quality, not just presence , ZVM Associates seeks to be the
premier partner of choice where having the BEST matters.

The majority of our professionals are NATIVE speakers who are highly trained/certified
to provide ACCURATE, RELEVANT, and QUALITY services

  • Simple, steamlined intake process with encrypted email communications for
    safe and secure transmission of documents.

  • Interpeters/translators work under an NDA to ensure discretion and privacy.
    Attorney/client privilege attaches for communications.

  • ZVM believes that every litigant is entitled to quality representation,
    especially quality language assistance, regardless of country of origin

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